DIY vs Hiring a Professional Power Washer

Ernie Reed

Why hire a professional power washer?

Do you own your own pressure washer? If you’re a home owner, you probably do. We find that at most homes we go to, the homeowner has their own pressure washer. Oh yeah, it may be a small electric one, but they’ve got one. So when and why might you still want to hire a professional?

Reason #1: Safety.

I’ve seen countless homeowners up on a ladder, using a power washer, trying to blast off some mildew up under the eaves of the home. Now, I applaud the courage and valor. . . but. . . is that really safe? Let’s walk through this together. What happens when you pull the trigger on a power washer wand? There can be some serious kickback from the water pressure. And you’re standing on a ladder 20′ or more in the air when you pull that trigger! Please, for the love of your family, don’t ever do this. The reason the homeowner is up on a ladder doing this in the first place is because he’s (or she) is trying to ‘power’ wash the house. A true pro, using the soft wash method, has no need for, or use for, ladders. Everything is done from the safety of good ol’ terra firma.

Now if you’ve just got a little dirt on the siding down at eye-level, then knock yourself out and go for it. Of course, please use low pressure (like garden hose level pressure) and clean the siding. But if you’ve got mildew, severe buildup, and/or hard to reach areas and heights, it is likely time to call in the pros so you’re not tempted to do something unsafe.

Power Washing Synthetic Deck

Reason #2: Quality.

Now I’m not suggesting that the average homeowner can’t clean off their deck with a power washer. However, we’re often called AFTER the homeowner has already tried to clean something. . . and, . . well. . . it just didn’t come out too well : ) An absolutely filthy Trex deck, for example, is harder to clean than you might think. If you’ve tried, you likely know what I mean. Many homeowners spend an entire Saturday trying to clean it only to end up calling us. By all means, give it a shot. But if after an hour you find that it’s just not coming out the way you want, it’s okay to give up! (Generally I believe that giving up is never a good thing, but banging your head against the wall isn’t either if you get my drift) Go sit down, have something cold to drink, pick up the phone, and call in the pros.

So if you’ve got a power washer, I encourage you to use it. But please do so safely. If you find that 1. you can’t get the job done safely or 2. the job isn’t coming out the way you want after a reasonable amount of time, then call the professionals (and I do mean professionals and not some “guy” in the neighborhood!) And if you do call us, ask for some tips. True professionals aren’t threatened by the diligent homeowner looking to maintain their home. We’re more than happy to help in any way we can. After all, we know that there will be plenty of reasons for you to call in the cavalry when we’re needed.

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